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Kids Care Charity

September 2016

The story of Stoyan

Stoyan has spent most of his life living in an institutional home. When he was placed in one of our foster families at the age of 10, he was quite behind his psychological development and was really afraid of building attachments and developing relationships. His speech was difficult to understand at times and he had poor social skills.
While in foster care, Stoyan remains in contact with his birth mother and sees her every other mother, as well as writes to her. However, he is unable to live with her as she is suffering from a mental illness.
Thanks to the loving care of his foster family, Stoyan is experiencing an amazing personal development and is well aware of his own situation. He has become even more attached to his biological mother and showing true respect of his foster parents. He is in good health and performing well in school -  had straight A’s in 5th grade! This summer, he went to the seaside for a very first time and experienced what other children take for granted

Read his story here

You can help save more children! It only costs £20 a month to find a family for a child and support them for a whole year!


Kids at the Embassy

8th October, Saturday, 2pm
Bulgarian Embassy

Tickets include:
  • Professional photo
  • Games and fun
  • Party bag for each child with ticket - sandwich, drink and sweets
  • Under 2s go FREE.
  • Clown and balloons
  • Baby corner
  • Crafts
  • Dances - entertainment from the Bulgarian folklore group "Ruchenitsa"
*Face Painting - £3

20% off for early birds! Get your tickets now!

Kids Care partners with the Fearless Speaking Academy

We recommend this next event whole heartedly!
10 Dec, 10am. Hilton London Metropole

Huge savings for early birds! Get your tickets here.

Find more details about the event.

#Chillipeppers for Kids Care

The Chilly Peppers are rolling up sleeves to get crafty, to socialise, have fun, to raise awareness and save the abandoned children in Bulgaria! All you need to do is buy a pair of handmade #Chillipeppers earnings for BGN 25 and you're in the club!
    Oh, and don't forget to like the page!

10% of all video editing goes to Kids Care

The best price you can ever get for a professional video - just £20 for up to 2min, £30 for 2 videos! Now with 10% going to Kids Care.
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The warmest gift we’ve ever received

These "treasures" have been specially selected by Safia to help orphan children in Bulgaria. It's interesting, amusing and heartwarming to see what in the eyes of a 6-year-old is needed to make a change in an abandoned child's life. Perhaps they do need a bit of sparkle in their life?

There are many ways you can help. Contact us on:   //';l[1]='a';l[2]='/';l[3]='<';l[4]='|107';l[5]='|117';l[6]='|46';l[7]='|111';l[8]='|99';l[9]='|46';l[10]='|121';l[11]='|116';l[12]='|105';l[13]='|114';l[14]='|97';l[15]='|104';l[16]='|99';l[17]='|101';l[18]='|114';l[19]='|97';l[20]='|99';l[21]='|115';l[22]='|100';l[23]='|105';l[24]='|107';l[25]='|64';l[26]='|111';l[27]='|102';l[28]='|110';l[29]='|105';l[30]='>';l[31]='"';l[32]='|107';l[33]='|117';l[34]='|46';l[35]='|111';l[36]='|99';l[37]='|46';l[38]='|121';l[39]='|116';l[40]='|105';l[41]='|114';l[42]='|97';l[43]='|104';l[44]='|99';l[45]='|101';l[46]='|114';l[47]='|97';l[48]='|99';l[49]='|115';l[50]='|100';l[51]='|105';l[52]='|107';l[53]='|64';l[54]='|111';l[55]='|102';l[56]='|110';l[57]='|105';l[58]=':';l[59]='o';l[60]='t';l[61]='l';l[62]='i';l[63]='a';l[64]='m';l[65]='"';l[66]='=';l[67]='f';l[68]='e';l[69]='r';l[70]='h';l[71]=' ';l[72]='a';l[73]='<'; for (var i = l.length-1; i >= 0; i=i-1){ if (l[i].substring(0, 1) == '|') document.write("&#"+unescape(l[i].substring(1))+";"); else document.write(unescape(l[i]));} //]]> ">

Kids Care live on eBay!

Tim Deakin purchased a great development course for £15, but felt so drawn to our cause that he donated £50 on top!
Browsethrough our complete course materials from the Open University, each worth hundreds of pounds, now for sale from £10! Happy shopping!

Meet our volunteers

Valentina Dimitrova

I have watched many documentaries about the Bulgarian orphanages which made me feel really sad and hopeless about the wellbeing of abandoned children. Naturally, when I read about Desi’s initiative, I was immediately 100% behind it. I never took part in clothes/food collections for orphanages because what kids really need is love and Desi has found the perfect way to provide a long-lasting solution to their problems. I try to help as much as I can whenever I can. Kids care is my favourite charity.  I work as an accountant in an art gallery. My newest hobby is gardening.

£30,000 target - 70% raised

Great things are underway in 2016

While continuing our work supporting foster care, this year we’ll be focusing on preventing child abandonment and helping children in extreme poverty. We started a new contract supporting over 100 children in extreme poverty to meet their basic needs for food, medical care, etc. 

From everyone at Kids Care and all the children and families that we help - Thank you!

Volunteer with us

Giving your time and using your skills can greatly help us achieve our goals - volunteer for Kids Care at our events or join the supporter panel. Email us at:

Fundraise for us

At home, at work or at your community - there are lots of fun ways to raise funds for Kids Care and support our cause. Contact us at to discuss what you can do

  • Please make cheques payable to Kids Care Charity
  • Using PayPal, please pay to
  • Just Giving:
  • From your mobile (e.g. to donate £10) - text EAST44 £10 to 70070

Annual Acution - Home House 23 Jun

Tickets include a welcome drink and live music! Click for more details and tickets! 11 May 2016

£2,942.21 raised at Home House on 29 Jul

We celebrate the amazing success of our charity auction in the heart of the city with £2,942.21 raised at Home House on 29 Jul 01 August 2015

Kids Care at Christ Church, Sidcup

Big thanks to Helen Young for giving me the opportunity to present at Christ Church, Sidcup today! 14 March 2015

The Kite Runners

Welcome to our fun picnic with kites on 28 Jun, 11:00, Blackheath park 28 June 2014

16 children in safe loving homes

With your amazing support we have so far helped 16 children! 26 January 2014

Family Fundraising event at the Bulgarian Embassy, 13 Oct 2013

With lots of laugher and good hearts our guests raised £1,587.95 for Kids Care! 13 October 2013

Kids Care now has 12 children out of care homes and 15 foster families.

Kids Care now has 12 children out of care homes and 15 foster families. 01 October 2013

5 children taken out of care homes!

We now have 5 children taken out of care homes, who are rapidly improving in the comfort of our foster families. 02 August 2013

Picnic with Care Home Goce Delchev for Children's Day

Celebration for Children's day with the children from Care Home "Ivan Kiulev", Goce Delchev 01 June 2013

Cinema trip with the children from Care Home "Ivan Kiulev", Goce Delchev

Joy and laughter at the last school day 30 May 2013
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