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About Us

Kids Care was founded by Desi Lambina in 2013 to help the deinstitutionalisation of children in Bulgaria.

There are over 4,000 children living in institutional homes across the country. More than 90% of those children are not orphans; they have been driven into care homes because they are poor, disabled or from an ethnic minority. Many children are institutionalised because local schools are not adapted to teach children with physical or learning disabilities and local health services cannot provide specialised care. Social services are insufficient to meet the needs of poor families or protect children from abuse.

Children living in institutional homes are regularly underfed and neglected. In some children’s homes in Bulgaria, there is not enough living space. Children in institutions are not permitted to keep any personal belongings such as photographs and shoes. They are not given the necessary life skills to be on their own after leaving the institution. As a result, many suffer lifelong physical and emotional harm. This is a serious problem, on a big scale

Our commitment is to invest 100% of the donations to find safe home environment for the children at risk and ensure they are surrounded with love and care.

Our main goals are

  • To relieve the need and protect and preserve good health among children living in institutional homes in Bulgaria by providing grants of financial assistance to charitable and not for profit organisations working to find suitable foster care placements and adoptive families for such children.
  • The prevention or relief of poverty in Bulgaria among children, young people and families who are at risk of abandoning their children in Bulgaria by providing such grants, items and services to individuals in need as the trustees see fit.

We have identified four specific priorities for the types of projects we wish to support:

  1. supporting foster care providers to find a safe home environment for children at risk, where they can develop to their full potential as equal members of the society
  2. supporting professionals and carers, communities and families for the relief of poverty and providing children with access to health, education and social care tailored to their individual needs
  3. paying for services, tools, furniture, food, clothes, equipment, facilities and other necessities intended to bring the quality of life of the beneficiaries to a reasonable standard
  4. working towards prevention of abandonment and prevention of poverty

None of our team members receives any financial benefit for the work on Kids Care. However we receive abundance of moral satisfaction and you're welcome to join our team and share the joy.

To find more about the parther organizations we work with go to: 

Sauchastie Varna -

International Social Services - 

Our Team

Desi Lambina
Desi Lambina

I am the Director and founder of Kids Care. I saw the BBC documentary "The Abandoned Children of Bulgaria" and was deeply moved by the discovery of a very sad reality. I felt the need to take personal responsibility and action. I work full time as a Business Manager.

Todor Lambin
Todor Lambin

I am the Treasurer at Kids Care. I feel blessed for the circumstances in my life have been favourable and I am keen to help people from disadvantaged backgrounds. I work full time as a Transport Officer.

Darina Georgieva
Darina Georgieva

I help finding sponsors, organising and running events, spreading the word and generating fund-raising ideas. I got involved because I know I can change the lives of the children from the institutions and that gives me great fulfilment. I work full time as a Business Manager.

Julia Arabadjieva
Julia Arabadjieva

I joined the team in December 2014 to apply my skills, knowledge and experience in helping Kids Care achieve its strategic goals. I assume responsibility for publishing our monthly newsletter, writing materials, preparation of financial statements and accounts, and compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements. I also work to spread the word and raise funds that will improve the lives of many disadvantaged children. It is fantastic to be part of the team to create long-lasting change. I work full-time as a Finance Consultant in the energy sector.

Lauren Sweeney
Lauren Sweeney

It was the BBC documentary, "Bulgarian's abandoned children," that first highlighted the horrific conditions children in Bulgaria were living in. The abuse and neglect was heartbreaking to watch! Children were housed in simply awful conditions; for some, the reason they were there is because they are disabled! Being blind myself, I cannot believe how children are treated in these institutions! After making my way through a tone of tissues, I got a grip and knew I had to help! I found a charity that collects donations and takes them to Bulgaria. This is all well and good, however, this does not address the urgent need for these children to be placed with loving families. That’s when I became best friends with google, in the hope of finding a way to achieve this. I got my wish, in the form of the amazing Kids Care. Desi was great answering all my questions and even calling me, so we could talk. This is a fantastic charity and I am so pleased to be a part of it!

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